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tv   NBC10 News at 4pm  NBC  August 20, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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friday for much of the area. it does not include the jersey shore counties or southern delaware. you can see on the radar, it's pretty colorful. the yellows and reds are the heaviest rain. we have some thunderstorms in there. some of the heaviest rain has been in delaware. this one heavy storm has just gone through middletown. another one has gone through dover. closer to the philadelphia area, it's mostly light to moderate showers but this area of heavier rain is moving toward wilmington and eventually into portions of chester county and delaware county. there is even more back to the west that's going to be coming through later tonight. it's going to be quite awhile before we get out of this. here's the future cast. this activity moves up to the northeast and we may get a bit of a break but that doesn't mean the whole system is over, because remember that second batch, that is coming through generally after 8:00 or 9:00. this particular model shows that it stays here through 11:00
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tonight and even into the early morning hours. slow movers. that means we can really get some heavy rain and localized flooding. there are flood warnings around harrisburg from this system that is coming this way. 82 degrees in philadelphia now but we did get up to 90 degrees extending the heat wave officially by one more day. we will talk more about when the showers will actually be moving out and if anything is going to change as we head toward the weekend with the seven-day in a few minutes. >> track tonight's storms as they move through your neighborhood with the nbc 10 news app. get live first alert radar right on your smartphone or tablet. it's a free download. to a developing story, a second woman has been attacked and sexually assaulted on a philadelphia golf course. police are now issuing a warning to women in the area as they search for the suspect. nbc 10's randy gyllenhaal is live in cobbs creek with more. randy? >> reporter: police believe the
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same man is responsible for both of these attacks. they are very similar. both of them happened out here on the cobbs creek golf course. the most recent one was on friday. a 38-year-old woman walking through here was punched in the face, knocked unconscious and when she woke up, she was on the golf course being sexually assaulted. the previous case happened back in july on the 11th. a woman was dragged into the woods on one of the fairways according to police. in both cases, the women, the victims gave very similar descriptions to detectives. a muscular, clean-shaven hispanic male about 5'5" in his mid 30s and today, police issued a warning to women who walk through this golf course. the area is often used as a shortcut to get people to and from work. >> the weather the way it is, people frequent the location to walk around, things like that. we would ask them to just be aware of their surroundings out there, for women to travel in
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pairs or have someone else with them. >> reporter: investigators say they do not have any surveillance video but they are beginning to gather some crucial dna evidence. meantime, police say the cobbs creek golf course is being very cooperative in hunting down this suspect. randy gyllenhaal, nbc 10 news. another philadelphia preparation for the pope. today mayor nutter is talking about the city's preparations to be on the global stage and how they are handling security. nbc 10's deanna durante is live in center city with more on what the mayor had to say. >> reporter: he did say this is the first time the city of philadelphia has been involved in a national security event and that it has been not that difficult working with the secret service. he says they have a long-standing relationship but that is one of the reasons why it's been difficult to release all of the information people want at once. >> 80% of the questions that have come into the business
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resource center have been answered right away. >> reporter: mayor nutter says his business resource center has been active since it opened on monday. he says most city businesses are getting questions answered but when asked about the commercial trash pickup, he says the plans have not been announced for that. just changes to residential trash pickup. >> trash and recycling will be picked up on thursday but it's still suspended for friday and monday. >> reporter: the mayor says city collection centers will accept more garbage from residents who want to drive it there but if you drive outside the traffic box you can't get back in. the announcement included the addition of the papal playbook to the world meeting of families website. it will be uploaded at noon on monday and should answer many questions residents have. when it comes to parking for those who have to remove their cars, the city says it's working on plans for those residents. when it comes to the weekend of the pope's visit, city workers will be available 24/7 to take calls from them. >> the city's 311 call center, philly 311, will move to 24 hour
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operation beginning on thursday, september 24th through monday, september 28th. >> reporter: we did ask the mayor about commercial trash pickup and restaurant deliveries. he said those plans are still being worked on. but he reminds you of the papal playbook that will be released on monday as well as the city services available to businesses. deanna durante, nbc 10 news. philadelphia will be a no drone zone when pope francis is in town. the faa says the unmanned aircraft are banned from city air space during september 26th and 27th. model airplanes, gliders, hot air balloons are also banned along with planes towing advertising banners. the sports complex in south philadelphia will play a role in the pope's visit, too. this is a live look at citizens bank ballpark. buses and rvs will fill the lots. organizers say additional parking lots will be determined by the final number of registered buses.
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count on the nbc 10 news app as you make plans for the papal weekend. we have transportation, road closure information from pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware. plus the pope's itinerary for the weekend is all on the nbc 10 news app. no charges. that's the decision from a grand jury for two bridgeton police officers who shot and killed a man during a traffic stop. the shooting was captured on police dash cam in december. it sparked outrage in the community because the video shows the man had his hands up. nbc 10's tim furlong has been working this all day and joins us from bridgeton. tim? >> reporter: from the beginning, there has been a lot of conflicting stuff with this story beyond what actually happened in this small town. lots of people know each other, have interpersonal relationships, but that aside, a grand jury decided the officers should not face charges. from the police car dash cam, everybody saw what happened when two officers shot and killed 36-year-old jerome reed during a traffic stop.
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the shooting led to a number of protests in bridgeton and a demand for answers. >> i want to know why. why did he have to die? >> reporter: people wanted to know if the officers were justified in opening fire on reed. today we learned a grand jury decided the officers should not face criminal charges, saying at that moment the officers feared for their lives. the release says the officers knew reed had once been convicted of shooting at law enforcement. they had recovered a gun from the glove box of the jaguar in which he was a passenger. they say he forced his way out of the car against police orders and they thought he had a weapon. he did not actually have one. walter hudson organized some of the protests and thinks the grand jury made a mistake not indicting the officers. >> clearly we are outraged about it. it's disappointing but not surprising. >> reporter: in a statement on facebook, the bridgeton police chief says the department continues to support the actions of the officers that night and that officers have to make sometimes fatal split second decisions. he also says he hopes the city
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understands and accepts the grand jury decision. it might not be so simple. >> across america, in the black and brown and poor communities, police officers can kill us, shoot us dead without no accountability. >> reporter: i have been making calls on this today. i spoke with reed's widow's lawyer. she is suing the city and cumberland county. the officers involved have been on paid leave since the incident and will remain there a little longer until this is cleared up. we have been checking to see if there's any sign of organized protest happening tonight. so far we have not heard of any. live in bridgeton, tim furlong, nbc 10 news. now to another controversial police involved case in cumberland county. philip white died shortly after this clash with officers in march. nbc 10 has been working to uncover how and why white died. the prosecutor's office had told us the autopsy report is not
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complete. we checked again early this afternoon but have not received an update. today former president jimmy carter discussed his battle with cancer publicly. jimmy carter said in a news conference he has cancer spots on his brain. the melanoma was first discovered as a tumor on his liver. the 90-year-old began radiation treatment shortly after the news conference this morning. carter, who founded the nonprofit carter center, says he will be changing his lifestyle because of the diagnosis. >> i'm going to cut back dramatically on my obligations and i'm perfectly at ease with whatever comes. i have deep religious faith which i'm very grateful for. >> carter continued to say doctors still aren't sure where the cancer originated but he does expect other cancers to be discovered as treatment progresses. a new york father could spend up to 16 years in prison for a crash that killed three teens from bucks county.
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michael ware learned his fate this morning. ware let his underaged daughter use his car last summer. she crashed in the poconos, killing three of her passengers. ware pleaded guilty and today, a judge sentenced him to 6 1/2 to 16 years in prison. three teens died in the crash, all students at council rock high school south. the convicted murderer who escaped from prison appeared in court today, declining to enter a plea to new charges. he is charged with first degree escape and promoting prison contraband. the district attorney explained why sweat faces additional charges if he is already sentenced to life in prison without parole. >> the status of a new conviction for an escape in the first degree, promoting prison contraband, and the department
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of corrections is treating him in a more severe way than they currently would. >> the prison guard who admitted to helping sweat escape will be back in court next month. david sweat and richard matt escaped from the new york prison in early june. matt was killed during a capture attempt while sweat was wounded a few days later. now to the latest in those unrelenting wildfires in the west. three firefighters are dead after their vehicle crashed and caught fire last night. it happened in washington state. the deaths came as nearly a thousand people were forced to evacuate immediately. firefighters across the western u.s. are still battling more than 100 active fires, leaving more than a million acres of land burned to a crisp. evacuees are worried their homes might be next. >> i'm hoping when we go back our house is still there. >> it just came so fast. oh, my god. the smoke and just the big plumes of smoke. >> officials say the flames
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aren't expected to let up any time soon as hot, dry weather should continue for the next few days. now to our jersey shore bureau where a ton of music fans are converging on atlantic city to see one of the hottest country music bands. nbc 10's ted greenberg is live on the boardwalk. rascal flatts will take the beach stage tonight. how is it out there? >> reporter: it's warm out here and crowded out here. they will be taking the stage at around 6:00 this evening but the show has started. we are hearing music and it is coming from singer songwriter ashley monroe. this concert area opened at noon and many of the folks on the beach have been here the whole time. >> country music and the beach. my two favorite things. >> reporter: becky came for both. she was among more than 100 people who lined up on atlantic city's boardwalk hoping to get prime spots on the sand for this afternoon's concert. dawn diamond showed up just
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after 6:00 a.m. >> i am trying to get a perfect spot near the water to see and hear everything that's going to happen today. >> my son and i got here about 6:30 this morning. >> reporter: why so early? >> he's a big rascal flatts fan. i told him whatever you want, we will get there in time. he wanted to pick his spot. he loves the water. >> reporter: lots of sunscreen was a must from this family from deptford, who prepared to spend six hours on the hot, humid beach before rascal flatts takes the stage. >> lots of water. we're not doing the alcohol today. we are staying hydrated with water and power-ade. >> i wish i could wear my cowboy boots and hat but it's too hot. >> reporter: some of them told us they decided to come back after last year. >> we were here last year and there was a big old pole up the middle. they set it up a lot better. >> reporter: back here live, you
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see on that monitor, that is country music singer song writer ashley monroe. she is the opening act for this evening's beach concert. rascal flatts set to take the stage at 6:00 tonight. this concert comes just four days after more than 50,000 people packed this same venue for sunday's maroon 5 concert. local business owners say that was a banner day for them. they are hoping this will turn out to be the same. that part of the story is coming up at 5:30. i'm ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. to this now. skyforce 10 over the scene of an accident in bucks county this morning. four people were taken to the hospital after the crash in warrington township. it happened on route 611 between bristol road and kelly road. police tell us everyone survived the crash but we are waiting to hear the extent of the injuries. within the last half hour we are learning more about the man who died while jogging in fort washington state park in
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montgomery county. 25-year-old christopher braun got separated while running last night. his body was found hours later at the bottom of a ravine. police think he got disoriented from the heat. an autopsy was performed this morning but authorities say it could be several more weeks before they know what killed braun. they don't consider his death suspicious. surveillance video shows two men burglarizing a gas station in philadelphia's summerton section. take a look. you can see one guy breaking down the front door glass monday morning on bustleton avenue. the intruders took off with cartons of cigarettes and a lot of lottery tickets. a plant closure in edgemore. the company is cutting costs. 200 employees and 130 contractors are affected by the move. some will relocate to the company's plant in salem county. others will be laid off and receive severance. the company makes titanium dioxide for the paper industry. staying in delaware, there
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is good economic news for the first state. delaware's having a record year when it comes to jump-starting small business. the state's small business administration has broken its single year record for the number of private loans it helped business owners secure. as of august 1st, the office assisted 180 businesses, well past last year's total of 119. construction will begin on an historic bridge in chester county. penndot announced repairs will begin on the bridge in east pikeland which was badly damaged more than a year ago when a tractor trailer slammed into it. the bridge will remain closed during the work project. it's expected to open in about two months. now to the latest on the investigation into a pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane. today, kane's office discussed the pornographic e-mail scandal uncovered by her office. it says it has concerns releasing more of the e-mails could be perceived as retaliation against the witnesses in the case against
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her. kane is charged with leaking grand jury information to a newspaper, then lying about it. she insists the allegations stem from that pornographic e-mail scandal uncovered by her office. the scandal has already resulted in numerous firings and two high profile resignations. kane says releasing the e-mails are crucial to her defense. now to decision 2016. donald trump is this week's "time" magazine cover story. in the article, trump talks about immigration, taxes and the economy. the republican contender also takes swipes at chris christie and bill and hillary clinton. trump calls hillary the worst secretary of state ever and compares her e-mail controversy to the watergate scandal. >> when all of these candidates accept all of this money they're puppets. nobody played the game better than me. but they're all puppets. especially if they're not finished with their careers, if they're going to run again, because they want this money coming in the next time. >> next, donald trump takes his
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campaign to mobile, alabama for a pep rally tomorrow night at a football stadium. some parts of the area have been dry all day. others have been getting some downpours and more and more places are going to be seeing that. we will be tracking that throughout the afternoon. the heat wave will be ending. we barely made it to 90 today, probably not tomorrow. but we will also be getting humidity relief starting tomorrow afternoon. this is wilmington, blue rock stadium. it's way darker here than it was just 15 minutes ago. you will see why in just a minute when we show you the radar. 82 degrees in philadelphia. winds south at nine. feels like 87. the temperature dropped from 90 degrees with those showers. many places are in the 70s. reading and doylestown and west chester, where it's been raining. you can see the effect that it
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has. 77 degrees in wilmington, 75 in dover. not much rain in new jersey. temperatures are higher, in the 80s. what about right at the beaches? 79 in sea isle, 81, atlantic city. wind coming in off the ocean. the ocean's warming up, though. 75 degrees. we have a flash flood watch for much of the area until 9:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. so we have that one burst coming through now and another one later tonight. you can see there's a fair amount of rain across the area but only pockets of the real heavy stuff. one of the areas that's been pretty hard hit is in burks county. we continue to see waves of moderate to heavy rain there. here's the really heavy rain headed right toward wilmington. that's why it's so dark at the stadium there. heavy rain came through middletown, heavy shower through newark and salem, new jersey getting hit hard. it's just about up i-95 here and
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it's raining in wilmington. it's going to get heavier in the next half hour, that's for sure. then there's more, coming back to the west, that will be coming through later this evening. that's generally after 8:00 or 9:00, as you'll see here in the future cast. the computer's handling this pretty well. it has these two areas separated, computer models ten years ago would never have been able to catch this kind of detail. by 8:00, there may be parts of the area getting a bit of a break. then we are waiting for this second batch to come through. this one has the area in delaware and south jersey weakening somewhat, at least temporarily, then here comes another round of heavy rain coming in the middle of the night. then drier air starts to approach. through the night, you see temperatures knocked down by the rain. then into tomorrow morning, watch the drier air come in from the west, the showers tending to
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move offshore. some models have it faster and others, slower, but the general trend is there, drying out as we head into the afternoon tomorrow. at the shore, pretty decent weather on saturday but more clouds and maybe even some showers coming in on sunday and more about the shore and the poconos coming up a little bit later. we also have that hurricane out in the middle of the atlantic, danny, continues to move toward the east. for tonight, the showers and storms, some heavy with localized flooding. 72 degrees for the low in philadelphia. the showers early tomorrow generally at the shore and the lower humidity coming in along with lower temperatures. then a pretty nice day on saturday with lower humidity but the clouds increase again on sunday. chance of some showers, especially in new jersey. then we dry out and get real comfortable next week. way too many. >> unsolved deadly hit and runs
4:22 pm
spreading across our area. what lawmakers are doing to help police catch the drivers and keep the streets safe. new findings on the gene that makes you obese. why scientists think they can reverse it.
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breaking news from wall street, where a dismal day has just come to an end. the final tally shows the dow jones fell nearly 360 points. the plummet is the result of another slump in the chinese stock market that has investors worried. if you had the winning ticket you won't have to worry about a slump in the stock market. you might be $2 million richer if you bought one of the tickets in chester county recently. a powerball ticket worth $2 million in last night's drawing was sold at a 76 gas station in thorndale. the station is on lincoln highway near bondsville road. that ticket matched all five white balls but not the red powerball. the power play option boosted that prize to $2 million.
4:26 pm
here you go. the winning numbers, 6, 8, 43, 48, 50. the powerball was lucky number 7. good luck. the gas station gets $10,000 for selling that ticket. the nbc 10 investigators have found that the number of hit and runs in philadelphia is skyrocketing. >> now they are mapping out thousands of the cases. we will show you one of the deadliest roadways for hit and runs. i'm tracking some downpours moving across our area. if you haven't seen rain yet, it's coming. i'll show you the timing next.
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get ready for rain, more than we've already seen so far
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today. here's a live look from wilmington where you can see cloudy skies looming over the stadium where the blue rocks play. >> let's bring in nbc 10 first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. where's the rain headed? >> that stadium, that's one of the places. you can see it's just getting darker and darker by the minute as some of this heavy rain from central delaware moves up toward the wilmington area. you can see most of the rain is in the light to moderate side but there are some pockets with yellows and reds indicating the heavier rain. there's that one patch headed toward wilmington right now. otherwise, in delaware, things generally improving a little. now southern chester county getting hit pretty hard here and that is moving up to the north and east. so much of chester county has been getting rain for two, three hours now and more is on the way. and this is the next batch that is yet to come. it's going to take many hours for that to get in and that's why the flash flood watch is in
4:31 pm
effect for much of the area until well after midnight tonight. may not be necessary until 9:00 a.m. but certainly after midnight before any of this rain gets out of here. future cast shows a lot of heavy rain moving up toward the lehigh valley and poconos in the next couple of hours. once it gets through chester county, that's where it's headed. then this next batch starts coming in toward berks county and that's by 8:00 tonight. so it's going to be several more hours before it gets to the philadelphia area. you can see that's some pretty heavy rain, some of that in the middle of the night. eventually things are going to dry out. i will tell you exactly when and have the latest on hurricane danny with the seven-day. >> you can track the storms at home as they move through your neighborhood with the nbc 10 news app. you can get live first alert radar right on your smartphone or tablet. the app is a free download. hit and runs in our area have already killed two children this year and left police and
4:32 pm
politicians looking for solutions. >> when the nbc 10 investigators looked into the problem, investigative reporter mitch blacher found thousands of cases either with property damage, people hurt, loved ones dead, in which drivers weren't held accountable. mitch joins us in the studio. what did you find? >> reporter: we mapped out every hit and run in philadelphia for the last 18 months. we found no area of the city immune and the devastation unforgettable. >> i heard the car coming down real fast on my block. my first thing was don't cross. >> reporter: josie tried to protect her 2-year-old son david. >> my first reaction was give the car my back so it could hit me, not him. since he was coming down so fast, i threw and he threw, too. >> reporter: surveillance video captured this white car driving away. police believe it is the one that hit the mother and son. >> it's hard not to have my baby next to me. >> reporter: david is one of the eight people killed in philadelphia by a hit and run driver in the last 18 months.
4:33 pm
the nbc 10 investigators created this map using philadelphia police data. it shows the more than 22,000 hit and runs in the city from 2014 through july 2015. these include everything from property damage to injuries to deaths. more than 903 drivers hit and left the scene with injuries or towing involved. >> it's staggering. >> reporter: the captain commands philadelphia police's accident investigation district. >> they will look at these numbers and people will think police aren't doing enough. is that fair? >> that's fair for them to think that, yes, sir. absolutely. >> reporter: do you think police are doing enough? >> i don't know. unfortunately, we are reactive in our unit and we maybe need some more proactive measures. >> reporter: the captain said increasing enforcement, educating drivers and changing the engineering on our streets could lead to fewer hit and runs. we showed city councilman a map of hit and runs.
4:34 pm
he chairs philadelphia's streets and services committee and is a member of the public safety committee. he said he is going to look for a solution. >> we have to slow down traffic, time the lights, install more stop signs, you know, what do we need to look at city-wide? >> reporter: nowhere in philadelphia are there more hit and runs than on adams avenue and roosevelt boulevard. on average, there are 2 1/2 each month. our mapping shows the deadliest stretch for hit and runs on lehigh avenue between front and masher. two of the eight deadly hit and runs happened here, including the one that killed josie rivera's son. police say it is nearly impossible to prove someone was behind the wheel unless they admit it or are caught acamera. they tell us that's the main reason why no one has been arrested. >> i don't think my baby will rest in peace until we have justice for him. >> the philadelphia district attorney tells us that between 500 and 600 hit and run cases are prosecuted out of their office every year. so far this year, there have
4:35 pm
already been more than 9,000 hit and runs in philadelphia. at that pace the city will have 5,000 more this year than last year. i'm mitch blacher, nbc 10 news. >> those numbers are staggering. we posted the interactive map from the story online for you. zoom into your neighborhood and see what type of hit and run accidents have happened in the community. look for it on the nbc 10 news app. the u.s. government has now expanded its takada airbag probe following an accident involving a newer model volkswagen. in june, a 2015 volkswagen suv hit a deer. a side airbag inflated with too much force, blowing apart a metal canister. that raises questions about the safety of newer airbags made by takada back in may. as you recall, the company doubled the number of airbag inflators it's recalling to 33.8 million, making it the largest automotive recall in u.s. history.
4:36 pm
trying the newest fad diet to fight that fat is something a lot of us have done but now we are learning the key to fighting fat may be in the science lab. >> we will tell you about the new discovery that shows weight loss could one day happen with the flip of a switch. plus, bad behavior. the mistakes contact lens wearers are making that's putting their health at risk.
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scientists have figured out how a gene tied to obesity makes people fat. researchers have known about the gene since 2007. they knew it was related to obesity but didn't know how. new experiments revealed the gene causes energy from food to be stored as fat rather than burned, tinkering are the gene in mice, its human cells suggest this could be reversed. several obesity drugs are already on the market but they don't directly target metabolism. the maker of the little pink
4:40 pm
pill is being bought by another pharmaceutical company. valiant pharmaceuticals says it will spend about $1 billion to buy sprout pharmaceuticals, who made the first prescription drug approved to treat low libido in women. the deal comes one day after regulators approved the pill. valiant expects the drug to be available in the u.s. in the fall. do you wear contacts? a new report reveals almost everyone who uses contact lenses is at risk for eye infections, according to a survey from the centers for disease control. researchers found nearly one-third of the 41 million americans who wear contacts have seen a doctor for red or painful eyes. 99% of contact wearers admitted to at least one risky behavior. the worst are keeping contacts cases too long. the cases should be replaced every three months. failing to empty the case before adding fresh solution. they also say never sleep in them. wearing lenses while sleeping is not good. it is the worst offense.
4:41 pm
cutting corners raises the risk of eye infections by five times or more. about a year after the als ice bucket challenge went viral, a breakthrough in research. about $220 million was raised by that challenge. johns hopkins researchers say that money is being used to help scientists understand the dysfunctional protein affecting those who suffer from als. the latest discovery could lead to a cure. back to philadelphia. transformation is under way. >> city leaders hope it will bring the community back to life. not everyone is happy about the plan. next, the changes planned in this city space that has some neighbors worried. plus if you're about to head out the door in philadelphia, grab your umbrella. rain is falling right now and more's on the way. i'll break it down neighborhood by neighborhood next. ♪ i am never getting married. never. psssssh. guaranteed.
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an important safety reminder for drivers. police in camden county are giving out yield to pedestrian signs that can withstand an impact from a car without hurting nearby pedestrians or damaging other cars. the new signs are coming just in time, right before the start of the new school year. it's the city's most ambitious plan in a decade. >> today, crews took the first step in transforming a philadelphia neighborhood. a bulldozer was ready to break ground at north 24th and bolton streets. the philadelphia housing authority says 1200 affordable housing units will be available to rent and own but it will take years to build them. some residents feel their voices aren't being heard. >> ain't nothing you can really say about it but go along with whatever they want to do to you. >> it's not right to just do elders any kind of way. you have a mother and father, too. you don't want nobody do them
4:46 pm
like that, destroy their world. it's not fair. it's really not fair. >> meanwhile, the city says it's a much-needed improvement for the community. >> we're really talking about transforming and giving more opportunity for your lives and for your children and your children's children, and when we do those things, then you transform a community. >> officials for the housing authority went on to say the community has experienced a population decline over the years and it hopes this initiative will bring residents back. we are hoping residents will take their rain gear with them if they're headed out during the next several hours or just about any time tonight, because we've got some downpours on the radar with more to come. the heat wave will be ending. we barely got to 90 today and probably will not get there tomorrow. and the humidity relief, that's on the way. it was really steamy around here the last couple days.
4:47 pm
we have been showing you wilmington blue rock stadium. it got darker and darker and now it is raining in wilmington. and in philadelphia, too. 82 degrees, feels like 87. seven degrees cooler than this time yesterday. we have a flash flood watch for much of the area overnight tonight and into early tomorrow morning. the rain has really knocked the temperature down in many places. 76 in reading and pottstown, coatesville, 75. doylestown, 74. 76 in wilmington. not much rain, if any, in parts of new jersey and they're still in the mid 80s. even 85 degrees in beach haven. the showers continue to move through the area, not as strong actually as it was an hour ago. we are seeing some improvement in central and southern delaware so that's a good thing. burks county has really gotten hit hard, a whole lot of rain there, some more in the lehigh valley. this is coming through chester county from south to north.
4:48 pm
coatesville, west chester about to get nailed with heavy rain and here's that band of heavy rain coming right into wilmington, crossing i-95 right now. there's more back to the west. this line comes through, that's the cold front. behind that, there is lower humidity so we have to wait for that to come through until that happens. so this first batch weakened somewhat waiting for the second one to come through later this evening. it may appear to weaken a little bit at times but our computer models are certainly suggesting that it's going to strengthen even though maybe southern delaware and extreme south jersey do not get hit as hard as other areas. as we go into tomorrow morning, the drier air is starting to come in. that should make it all the way to the shore at least for late tomorrow and into saturday. so pretty good day at the shore, little breezy and the rip current's a little bit higher. sunday, the clouds may increase
4:49 pm
and the chance of some showers, as the moisture tries to come back from the ocean. then in the poconos, a beautiful day on saturday. low humidity, more clouds on sunday, just a slight chance of a shower. for the eagles on saturday night, looks dry, looks nice. looks comfortable. the humidity is down during the day on saturday. and this is the hurricane. hurricane danny is one of the smallest that i have ever seen. it's got 80 mile an hour winds so it strengthened a little more. it's only moving at ten miles an hour and the track from the national hurricane center taking it again toward puerto rico but not strengthening it. if anything, it is predicting weakening as i have been telling you for the last couple of days. there is a lot of dry air, unusually dry air in the atlantic ocean and some in the caribbean and that really hurts
4:50 pm
tropical development. showers and storms, some of them heavy during the night tonight. 72 for the low in philadelphia. tomorrow, we don't quite get to 90. best chance of any showers would be at the shore early in the day and the lower humidity comes in gradually. then on saturday, the lower humidity is here. pretty nice day. then sunday, the clouds come back from the ocean, especially in new jersey. maybe some showers. then we start drying out again and eventually cool down. it becomes real comfortable. we have all heard about this. phillies fans say good-bye to a crowd favorite. >> veteran chase utley is leaving town. next, his emotional exit and how fans are reacting to the news.
4:51 pm
4:52 pm
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a favorite player won't be on the field the next time the phillies play at citizens bank park. chase utley is returning to his california roots where he will join the l.a. dodgers. >> the phillies announced the trade last night. comcast sports net's amy fadool joins us. he's arguably the greatest second baseman in phillies history. >> absolutely. certainly a bittersweet day in philadelphia. you can't go on twitter and not see fans kind of bemoaning his loss, certainly reflecting on the career of the second baseman. utley traded to the dodgers last night, ending the run of one of the most beloved players in phillies history. chase utley is generally a man of few words. always let his play do the talking, dating back to the first game he started. >> long drive, could it be? it is! outta here!
4:55 pm
chase is going to keep going. he's safe at home plate. chase utley, you are the man! >> a centerpiece of the 2008 world series championship team, utley showcased a side seldom seen at the parade. >> world [ bleep ] champions! >> always beloved by the fans, utley's departure certainly stings for some. >> really miserable. favorite player. favorite player since i've been born, you know? >> something bigger for him. maybe he'll do better there. you never know. >> reporter: while others realize it's all part of rebuilding. >> definitely part of the future. it will be neat to see these guys grow together and be a team again. hopefully they can do what they did in 2008. >> hopefully they can rebuild and do something better. >> people sad to see him go but know it was a move the phillies probably had to make. the phils play tonight in miami. the dodgers open a series in houston tomorrow. back to you. >> thank you very much. while we're talking sports
4:56 pm
here's a live look at lincoln financial field from our eagles nest camera. that's where the eagles will take on the baltimore ravens for a preseason matchup in just two days. you can watch that game right here on nbc 10 saturday night at 7:00. coverage begins with a pregame show at 6:30. stay with us after the game for a full post-game wrapup. nbc 10 is your official philadelphia eagles station. next on "nbc 10 news at 5:00" a grab your papal playbook. that's the message from city leaders in philadelphia. >> how it will help residents get through the chaos surrounding the pope's visit. here's another guy who knows a lot about playbooks these days. tim tebow making quite a splash in philly. tonight in an exclusive one-on-one interview, the quarterback gives us his take on tebow-mania. we have a flash flood watch for part of the area through the overnight hours. some of you already seeing the heavy rain. coming up, i let you know who else can see it and when it will clear, next.
4:57 pm
4:58 pm
4:59 pm
maybe too hot for cowboy boots but not too hot to hit the beach for some good music. thousands are gathering on the sand in atlantic city to see rascal flatts in concert. >> not just dodging the heat. showers and storms are also passing through the region. the first alert weather team is tracking the radar in your neighborhood. "nbc 10 news at 5:00" starts right now. >> let's get right to nbc 10
5:00 pm
meteorologist sheena parveen. what can we expect? >> really depends where you live but most of the area can be expecting rain, at least at one point or another. right now we already have heavy rain falling, a lot of it still in the lehigh valley. that's where we are seeing the heaviest of it. because of this we have a flood threat. so flash flood watch through the philadelphia area, new castle county, some of the new jersey suburbs through the lehigh valley and poconos until 4:00 in the morning. we expect more heavy rain overnight tonight. for the poconos, we are seeing pretty heavy rain for carbon county, especially, right across 476 through the lehigh valley, also across 78 near allentown. this is pretty heavy rain where you see the yellow and orange. precip rates are coming in at almost three quarters of an inch an hour. we are seeing heavy rain continuing to fall in the same area. berks county still seeing heavy rain across 78. reading as well. kind of just scattered as we go into parts of montgomery and bucks county. chester county, delaware county, we have heavy


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